Uganda Beneficiary

Payouts to Uganda are made via mobile money (MTN or AIRTEL).

Below is a sample request for creating an Ugandan beneficiary:

curl --location '{{sandboxURL}}/beneficiaries' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{APIKEY}}' \
--data '{
    "reference": "<samplereference>",
    "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
    "country": "UG",
    "currency": "UGX",
    "callbackUrl": "",
    "destination": {
        "network": "MTN"
        "type": "MOBILEMONEY",
        "accountNumber": "256775379021",
        "accountName": "Jon Snow",
typeThis is the payment type. It will be MOBILEMONEY
accountNumberThis is the phone number of the beneficiary
accountNameThis is the name of the beneficiary (must contain their first and last names)
networkThe phone number's mobile network, (MTN | AIRTEL)