Pagination navigation for List requests

All GET endpoints which return an object list support cursor based pagination with pagination information inside a meta object.

meta Object

pageCurrent page based on take.
takeNumber of results in current page.
itemCountTotal number of results.
pageCountNumber of pages based on take.
hasPreviousPageBoolean field. Tells if there is a previous page, based on take.
hasNextPageBoolean field. Tells if there is a next page, based on take.

This means that to get all objects, you need to paginate through the results by always using the
Default take is set to 10 but values up to 100 are permitted.The result list is in descending order by default (newest item first) but it can be reversed by supplying order=ASC instead.


take(optional) Number of results per request. Accepted values: 1 - 50. Default 10
order(optional) Result order. Accepted values: DESC (default), ASC
page(optional) Result page.