Intro to Lightning Addresses

Lightning addresses make use of internet identifiers like emails to improve the UX of payments on the lightning network. Instead of scanning a QR or copying an invoice, you can pay someone using a lightning address.

If your website is, you can now offer lightning addresses to your own customers in order for them to receive payments via lightning addresses. A sample lightning address for a customer will look like [email protected]

The first part is the unique username of the user, the part after the @ is the domain of the issuer. Similar to emails.

A Lightning address is a layer on top of LNURL.

In order to get started with lightning addresses, you first need to set up LNURL as detailed in the guide here.

Sample Request

    "identifier": "satoshi",
    "identifierType": "username",
    "tld": "",
    "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
    "satMinSendable": 1000, //satoshis
    "satMaxSendable": 1000000 //satoshis

The address for the user indexed above will be [email protected]. Any wallet that can pay to a lightning address will be able to send payments of 1000 - 1, 000,000 sats to [email protected]


Lightning address support

You don't need to support lightning on your product before you can support lightning addresses. Our API allows you to support this on its own if you only want this feature.