IP Whitelisting

Whitelist your server IP Address to ensure security on your APP

There are many ways a system can be compromised, and one major way is getting access to your API keys and making requests on your behalf. To prevent that, you can whitelist the IP address(es) of the server(s) your services are running on.

To get started, visit the Dashboard Settings

To add an IP Address, click on the Add IP Address button. Adding an IP address secludes other requests made from other IP addresses, even those belonging to you.

If working with microservices or different APIs or working with a mobile app, you can add IP Address for each server your services are running on.

Adding IP Address to Whitelist

Whitelisting IP Address

Next you will have to pass in your Authentication pin to confirm

You can now see all whitelisted IPs.

Whitelisted IP Addresses

Whitelisted IP Addresses