Receiving Bitcoin (Lightning)

Receiving lightning payments

You might want to build an application that allows people to receive tips via lightning, receive bitcoin payments via lightning or give your users the ability to receive instant payments. The Bitnob makes this a very easy integration for you.

In order to receive lightning payments, you need to create a lightning invoice. The invoice follows the BOLT11 protocol and contains a segwit address for receiving on-chain payments.

The payment request comes as request and starts with ln. We recommend that you show this as a QR to your users while giving them the option to copy the invoice

A sample lightning invoice is lntb1500n1psjkltkpp55q5g2eltp56jzuk9300p404w5qfrac0mr77qde633htcvvgyheqsdp92fjkzep6ypdx2un0yprx2efq2fhh2arfdens6cqzpgxqr23ssp5pkfufhn9xy2tdegwv68ftdfmkls9l2n6kmu23pz830j6dflssmhs9qyyssqlvx2wlae3w98rxuhahq7tqe30xchcjw3r54mjsylr7n6kgg2frj8zxg3akxrq82q632tvytv8pj5fn3ag00g96yxw6n3qz9jzvs85tqq4txrjr


Invoice Limits

If the amount you set for an invoice is greater than 500,000,000 satoshis(5BTC), we will not return any invoice

When we detect a payment made for an invoice, we will send you a webhook notification with the event type btc.lightning.received.success


Invoice Expiry

An invoice expires after 24 hours.