Let's get you working with Bitnob API

Welcome to the Bitnob Documentation.

Let's get started with integrating the Bitnob API into your mobile or web products.

The Bitnob API offers a powerful set of APIs that developers can use to build great products on top of Bitcoin, Lightning, and Stablecoins

The API gives you a lot of capabilities such as:

  • Getting historical bitcoin data for your data-driven applications
  • Send and Receive Bitcoin and Lightning transactions
  • Build your own bitcoin and lightning payment processor
  • Integrate Bitcoin wallets into your products
  • Securely store Bitcoin and Stablecoins
  • Offer Bitcoin-backed loans to your customers
  • Real-time notifications of wallet transactions
  • Connecting your product to Bitnob user accounts using the Bitnob Connect Oauth2 SDK

The API has a sandbox version that can be used for development, and the production version for going live.

Development Mode

During Development on the Sandbox version, lightning transactions are done on testnet and Onchain BTC transactions on Signet, these are reliable and public test networks, where you can receive or send transactions without spending real bitcoins.


Sandbox Transactions

Lightning invoice and Onchain Address generated during development can be paid on https://htlc.me/ and https://signet.bc-2.jp/ respectively.