The payouts API allows you to transfer money to bank accounts and mobile money accounts. We currently support payouts to 15 countries.

The table below gives more information on the countries and other important details.

CountryCurrencyPayment MethodMinimum AmountMaximum Amount
USAUSDACH, Wire10 USD100,000 USD
NigeriaNGNBank Transfer500 NGN2,500,000 NGN
AustraliaAUDBank Transfer20 AUD500 AUD
KenyaKESM-pesa150 KES100,000 KES
GhanaGHSMobile Money20 GHS300,000 GHS
BeninCFAMobile Money200 CFA1,000,000 CFA
TogoCFAMobile Money200 CFA1,000,000 CFA
SenegalCFAMobile Money100 CFA1,500,000 CFA
Burkina FasoCFAMobile Money500 CFA1,000,000 CFA
CameroonCFAMobile Money200 CFA1,000,000 CFA
Ivory CoastCFAMobile Money500 CFA5,000,000 CFA
Guinea-ConakryCFAMobile Money10000 CFA1,500,000 CFA
MaliCFAMobile Money500 CFA1,500,000 CFA
UgandaUGXMobile money4500 UGX1,000,000 UGX
RwandaRWFMobile Money20 RWF300,000 RWF

The flow for payout is as follows:

  1. Add the beneficiary
  2. Initiate payout
  3. Authorize/finalize payout
  4. Await transaction webhook and/or track transaction status

NB: You can skip the first step if the beneficiary has already been indexed.

To Initiate payout, the following parameters are required.

amountamount you want to send in smaller denominations ie 1 USD = 100 cents.
sourceWalletCurrencyIndicates the wallet from which payment is made.
Defaults to USD
referencereference to keep track of your transaction
customerEmailrepresents the email address of the customer associated with the transaction.
descriptionprovides context or explains the intent of the transaction.
beneficiaryIdid of the beneficiary that has already been created/indexed
callbackUrlURL to send webhook to if per this transaction.

To Finalize Payout, the only parameter required is the transaction identifier.

transactionIdthe id returned from initiating the payout.


Payout Statuses

A payout transaction status can be any of the following: