To make successful transfer requests, you need to add the beneficiary beforehand.

It is essential to read the guide on adding beneficiaries as the requirements vary depending on the country/currency.

It is important to note that payout can only be initiated to a beneficiary whose status is SUCCESS .

After adding the beneficiary, we index the beneficiary and return a webhook beneficiary.status.changed


Beneficiary status

After adding a beneficiary, the beneficiary status can be any of the following:


In addition to the required fields in the destination object for creating beneficiaries per country, the following fields are also required irrespective of the destination country - reference, callbackUrl, country , and currency.

referenceA reference to be used in identifying the beneficiary must be unique for each beneficiary
callbackUrlUrl to send event updates to
countryCountry of the beneficiary
currencyCurrency of the beneficiary country
customerEmailEmail of the customer creating beneficiary
destinationDetails of the beneficiary. This differs based on the country

NOTE: While creating a beneficiary on sandbox environment,

  • If you want the beneficiary creation to fail, ensure that the last 6 digits of the beneficiary's account number ends with 1 (e.g 1425111111)
  • If you want to create a payout that will fail, ensure that the last 6 digits of the beneficiary account number ends with 0 (e.g. 1425000000).