Learn how to securely connect to the Bitnob API


All Requests made on the Bitnob API must be authenticated via an API key.

You will need API keys to get started with interacting with the API. Go to the Dashboard settings; sandbox or production). Click on Generate a new key.

Dashboard Settings

Dashboard Settings

To authenticate your requests, use the API key in the Authorization header of all requests you make


API Key Authorization Sample

Authorization: Bearer I-AM-AN-API-KEY

We will return an error for that request if you use an expired or incorrect API key.

API Key Security

It is very important to keep your API keys secure, do not hardcode them. Your API keys can be used to make unrestricted transactions on your account.

Also, ensure that you use only test API keys for test environments and get a production API key when you're ready to go live.

Separating credentials from your code base and database is always good practice.


🚧 All API Requests should be made via HTTPS

Security is very important when dealing with financial transactions, ensure all requests are made over HTTPS. We will reject the request if it's not sent via HTTPS