Transaction Object

Description of transaction object description

Response Data

referenceTransaction reference
descriptionTransaction Description
amountAmount sent in USD
feesFees in USD
btcFeesFees in BTC
btcAmountAmount sent in BTC
satFeesFees in Sats
satAmountAmount in sats
spotPricePrice of BTC when transaction was made
addressReceiving address
actionAction of transaction performed
typeType of transaction
statusTransaction Status
channelThe channel on which the transaction is been sent on.
hashTransaction hash can be used to track transactions on mempool
confirmationsNumber of confirmations transaction has received, this is for on-chain transactions
paymentRequestLightning request for lightning transactions
invoiceIdLightning invoice ID for lightning transactions
idID of transactions
createdAtCreated TimeStamp of Transaction
updatedAtUpdated TimeStamp of Transaction